1099s can be a breeze!

Written By: Chris Hadden, FPC

from July 5, 2012

Are you tired of managing 1099s at year-end? It’s the same process over and over again every year. Order those pricey 1099 forms, spend way to long trying to align your printer properly, inspect each 1099s that is printed to ensure it’s actually legible, and then mail out all those 1099s….to your vendors, to the IRS….and let’s not forget about all of those stamps used! Are you ready for a better solution? Well if you are like thousands of other Dynamics users then the answer is yes. Well today’s your lucky day, because you are about to find out about a way that Greenshades can streamline your year-end process, while saving you time and money!

Greenshades has been working with Dynamics GP since 1992 and providing custom solutions for clients since 1996. Due to the years of working feedback Greenshades has received from clients, Greenshades has tweaked and developed products to truly fit the needs of Microsoft Dynamics GP users. Greenshades Year-End Forms module offers an easy way to distribute your 1099s in January. This module will pull your 1099s directly out of GP, allow you to make any necessary edits, and then converts these 1099s into a PDF format which allows you to print onto blank paper! That’s right, no need to purchase any expensive pre-printed 1099 forms. Additionally, you can link this to any vendor intranet you already have in place so your vendors can actually download these electronically. And for any of these 1099s that are not viewed electronically, just send your 1099s on over to Greenshades and they’ll print, stamp and mail out your 1099s directly to your vendors!

Now that you know how Greenshades can help with the vendor copies, you’re probably wondering about the IRS file. No need to worry, Greenshades can help with that too. The Greenshades Center is the 1099 e-filing module, which is installed right inside of GP. This wizard guides you through the process of collecting and organizing your accounts payable information, transforming it into the federal electronic reporting format and assisting with the e-file submission. Not only is easy to use, but Greenshades maintains a direct connection for submitting these returns, so you will receive immediate confirmation of a successful tax filing. The Greenshades Center uses an easy to navigate format, so you can submit these files in no time at all.  And because all Greenshades products include unlimited support, Greenshades is always just a phone call away to help guide you through this filing process.

Greenshades may not be able to make you look forward to January, but they sure can help keep you from dreading it! And remember the Greenshades motto, “Let us handle that”!

So, why not try letting Greenshades handle the headaches this year-end?