A Get/Change Operation on Table ‘gpAppEnabled’ Cannot Find the Table

Written By: Randal Mayer

from May 1, 2012

ISSUE – With the recent announcement of the Professional Services Tools Library being free of charge and popularity of it being installed, I have received several support inquiries for the following error message –

A get/change operation on table ‘gpAppEnabled’ cannot find the table.

Clicking the More Info button displays the following details –

[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Invalid object name ‘XXX.dbo.gpAppEnb’.     Note:   Where XXX is the database ID of your company.

Clicking OK allows Microsoft Dynamics GP to continue on but typically results in the application not responding.  

CAUSE – The cause is that the SQL objects for Professional Services Tools Library have not be created within the company.  The GP user ID attempting to log into the company does not have sufficient permissions to the database to create the required SQL objects.  This scenario may be after the initial installation of the Professional Service Tools Library or it may be a newly created company via Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities which has yet to be logged into by the ‘sa’ or sa – like login.

RESOLUTION – The action to take if Microsoft Dynamics GP is hung / not responding for the user is to close Dynamics GP possibility requiring the Microsoft Dynamics GP to be End Task from Task Manager.  The user login will need to be deleted from Activity during their next login.

The resolution is to start Microsoft Dynamics GP as the ‘sa’  or sa – like login having database permissions to create the SQL objects for Professional Services Tools Library within the company.  Once logged into the company within Microsoft Dynamics GP, it is recommended to launch Professional Service Tools Library to confirm the main window opens without prompt for registration key and all the tools available.

NOTE:  For multiple company environments, it is recommended to log into each company or newly created company to initialize the SQL objects avoiding the users experiencing the error.

For the announcement on the Professional Services Tools Library being free of charge, click here (requires CustomerSource access).

Contact your Dynamics University Partner to see how the Professional Services Tools Library can be used within your business.