Activity Feeds—“An Error Occurred.”

Written By: Dave Packard

from April 22, 2013

I ran into an interesting error recently on the Activity Feeds. It kicked out an error but would still work fine if you clicked through the error.

If you went into CRM and clicked on What’s New

you would get this error:

If you clicked OK and then clicked on one of the filters such as User or Auto Posts, it would work fine. But this error message would appear every time you clicked back on the What’s New section. Not a show-stopper but definitely a nuisance.

When I started digging into it I found the error was kicking out due to a lack of permissions on custom entities. I thought this was odd since no custom entities were posting anything into the Activity Feeds. However, custom entities are automatically enabled for the activity feeds so you have the option to post if you want. So the error message was looking for permissions on custom entities that aren’t posting, but could because they are enabled. Any user without sufficient permissions would hit this error. This explains why the Activity Feeds worked fine when you clicked through this error because no actual posts were missing.

To resolve the issue, go into SETTINGS > ADMINISTRATION > SECURITY ROLES, open a security role of a user with this issue and update these two items under the Custom Entities tab to Read at the Organization level:

Save the changes and error goes away!

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