Adding Documents to Vendors: A Different Method

Written By: Jackie Smith of Integrated Business Group

from December 19, 2012

Many may already know that a document located outside Microsoft Dynamics GP can be added to a vendor’s card using the OLE functionality. There is another way to do this and some users prefer it.

Here is an example of adding a vendor’s W9 to the vendor card (the same functionality can be applied to employees, customers, etc.):

1. On the Home Page, click the Administrative button. Expand the Company Setup menu and select Company. Click Internet User Defined at the bottom of the window. Use any of the labels on this window – typically one of the User Defined fields. For this example, select Label 7 and change the field name to Vendor W9.

2. From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Page, click Purchasing and open the Purchasing area page. Expand the Cards menu and choose Vendor. Click on the lookup button and select the vendor. Select the “i” icon to the right of the Primary Address id.

3. The Internet Information window for the vendor opens. Notice that Label 7 says “Vendor W9”. Select the yellow folder to the right of the field and navigate to the place on the server where the W9’s are kept. Specifically, path the field to vendor’s W9 form.

There are two ways to access the vendor’s W9 form:

• The first is to select the zoom field Vendor W9 (blue words). Once selected, the system will “zoom” to the W9 and open it. Save and close all of the windows including Vendor Maintenance.

• The second requires a custom link setup. On the Home Page, select the Administrative button, expand the Company Setup menu, click Custom Link, and choose New. Following is an example of linking to the Vendor W9 field that was setup previously.

a. In the Prompt field select Vendor.

b. The Custom Link Label field is a user defined field, type in Vendor W9.

c. In the Address Type field select Primary.

d. The Address Field has several selections, choose Vendor W9.

4. Open any vendor related window where “Vendor ID” is a zoom field. Zoom fields are either blue and underlined (assuming default colors) or if a required field, then red or black and underlined.

For purposes of this example navigate to the Purchasing area page, expand the Inquiry section and select Transaction by Vendor. Choose the vendor. Select the Vendor ID zoom field. There are two choices, either Vendor Maintenance or Vendor W9. Selecting Vendor W9 will open the vendor’s W9 form on the server. This same functionality can be applied to the employee card… think I9 and W4. Just like OLE links, this works fine as long as the documents stay in the same place on the server. If they are moved, then the documents location (path) will have to be changed.