Attention! Microsoft has released the new Payroll 941 service pack

Written By: Janelle Montplaisir

from March 29, 2013

Microsoft has released the Payroll service pack for the 941 form changes from the IRS for the 2013 year. This service pack is only available for Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 and GP2013 and we highly recommend that ALL payroll customers apply the service pack. There is not service pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP10.

Information regarding the install:

When installing this service pack it will need to be installed on the server, terminal server(s) if applicable, and all other workstations where Microsoft Dynamics GP is installed. There is a service pack update that updates the Forms and the objects within Microsoft Dynamics GP. There is also a file that will update the tax tables.

Where do I download the Service Pack:

The changes around the 941 to be aware of:

Line 5d is new “Taxable Wages & Tips Subject to Additional Medicare Tax Withholding”

  • Two new columns, column 1 and column 2
  • 5d column 1 amounts: these are the taxable wages & tips over $200,000
  • 5d column 2 amounts: amount of column 1 multiplied by .009
  • 941 form layout changes

 The critical bugs fixed in this update (for 22010 and 2013) are:

  • Manual Check – Incorrect FICA Medicare Tax message about exceeded maximum for year                           
  • Retirement Plan with Fixed amount does not update summary correctly, after GP 2010 SP 3 is applied                   
  • Payroll Employee Auto Increment and employee records still not working / saving after many patches   
  • When updating from 11.00.2164 to 12.00.1343 with Collections Management, the following error appears when launching Utilities (2013 only)

FICA Rounding Issues:

There is a blog you can look at relating to rounding issues some customers saw for FICA (Employer FICA on the payroll check register is not the same as the employee).  If you are seeing rounding differences there are scripts that can be run to fix the amounts. Refer to this link for more information.

Microsoft Dynamics GP10.0 Payroll customers:

So what if I’m using Microsoft Dynamics GP10? Customers that are still on version GP10 can run the old report and manually do any calculations needed. However, you may want to consider upgrading. Please contact your Partner for questions regarding upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics  GP10. 


Who to contact if I have question or need help:

Contact your partner if you have any questions regarding this service pack or need assistance with getting it applied.