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Creating Contacts and Leads from an Email CRM Tip

There is an easy way to see whether people copied on an email are contacts or leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM system when using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client.

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Achieving Their Mission – Fetzer fosters awareness of the power of love and forgiveness using Microsoft Dynamics software

“Love is the core energy that rules everything … love is the one ingredient that holds us all together.” – John Fetzer

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On-Time and On-Budget Projects

“Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen,” says developer and author Edward Berard. It is funny but also very true.

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Consolidating Your Databases with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Binary Stream

Many companies today must decide if they can benefit from consolidating multiple company databases that have been added through growth or acquisitions. A client of ours, a flourishing medical and healthcare company, really needed to consolidate all their databases.

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An insurance company was experiencing severe issues with their existing ERP software. They are a public, self-insurance pool providing liability and property coverage to municipal governmental entities. They needed a comprehensive accounting package to support their growing and emergent needs and selected the powerful accounting platform that only Microsoft Dynamics GP provides for their complex financial reporting.

They had been using an old mainframe system handling their claims and billing before implementing an industry specific software for insurance companies called Finys. This insurance software product suite is built to provide an operating platform for the carriers of property and casualty insurance. It also easily integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP and met their needs for GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles) compliant by providing:
• Strong Financial Reporting
• Budgeting Capabilities
• Traceability for Audits, Security and Financial
• Ability to import Finys summary data into Microsoft Dynamics GP

Through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP and its included robust, financial analysis tool, Management Reporter, the company’s reports for their 180+ members which formerly took all day to generate, now takes just minutes. The company is now enjoying many benefits by utilizing GP’s Reporting Tools, along with Microsoft Dynamics SmartList. They are now also able to eliminate manually entering ten key adding machine tapes which was very labor intensive. Standard GP edit reports allowed the users to stop using these ten key adding machine tapes in order to check totals. Now they spend less time keying and more time analyzing!

We would be very pleased to discuss an innovative solution for your growing business. With the year just beginning it is important to start it off right. The TM Group is here to help simplify and streamline your needs for 2013. Please contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864, visit our website at or email

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The Regional Detroit GPUG Discover What’s New for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

The Regional Detroit GPUG (GP User Group) met Tuesday, December 18th at The Microsoft Office in Southfield, MI. The agenda was very exciting as we opened the meeting with an overview presented by The TM Group’s own Consulting Manager, Perry Kountouriotis. The presentation was extremely beneficial and included an actual demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. A few of the featured demo highlights consisted of:

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Performance Monitors: CRM Dashboards Drive Business

Many organizations across industries wrestle with some of the same challenges related to insight into their business. What is working to drive new business and what isn’t? Were leads obtained? Is it the latest on-line advertisement campaign or a trade show event the sales team was exhibited at? Organizations realize the need to maximize team performance and ascertain the analytical results with utmost clarity.

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To Email or to Task? That is the Question

There is a debate brewing about whether to use activities such as tasks and phone calls or use emails to enable business processes within the organization. It really is a question of workflow and dialog design and what is most effective. Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow makes it easy to create and send emails to users and non-users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM based on updates of data such as an opportunity closing. Also, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook Add-on makes it really easy to track emails by simply clicking the Track in CRM button in the Office Ribbon.

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Widely Diversified Not for Profit Lowers Total Cost of Ownership and Streamlines Business Processes with Microsoft Dynamics GP

A growing Midwest, not for profit organization needed to upgrade their obsolete Oracle accounting system and also minimize their burgeoning maintenance costs of keeping this antiquated system running.

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“COPY ACCESS” Feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP is a Breeze!

Donielle Winslow, one of our Microsoft Dynamics Senior Support Technicians at The TM Group, had asked via our inter-corporate Yammer, “Has anyone else explored the Copy Access feature in GP user setup?” This started some great intercompany discussion about this awesome feature which we thought would make a good blog. So I asked her for a brief discussion of this terrific feature.

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