Benefit/Deduction Summary window in Microsoft Dynamics GP Human Resources

Written By: Gina Hoener

from January 18, 2012

So here it is–year end…and it’s time to start preparing. You may be reviewing salaries, deductions etc. along with updating benefits in Human Resources. The Benefit and Deduction Summary window (HR/Payroll–Cards–Human Resources–Employee Benefits–Benefit and Deduction Summary) is a valuable resource when reviewing employee benefits. But did you know that the Retirement benefit information does not appear at all? Try as hard as you can, you won’t get the employee and/or employer contribution information to populate in this summary window.

This is a confirmed bug (#11954) and is scheduled to be resolved in SP3 for GP 2010. If you use any of the Benefit letters in Microsoft Dynamics GP the letter will not properly report retirement contributions. As a temporary solution you can update the table through SQL.

To update JUST the HR Benefit and Deduction Summary window you will look at table BE010130. The columns that you need to update are COSTEMPLOYEE_I AND COSTEMPLOYER_I. Retirement benefits have a value of 3 in the BENEFITKIND_I column. After updating the table you will see the amounts in the Benefit and Deduction Summary window and the HR Benefit Letter will print properly.

Please have a complete and restorable backup when testing this update. Testing in a test company is always recommended. If you have questions contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner. Here’s hoping you have a peaceful payroll year end!