BPOS to Office 365 Transition

Tyler Sand
Office 365

Summit Group Software is officially participating in the BPOS to Office 365 TAP migration program. I plan to share as many details as possible about the migration process as we proceed in order to make it as easy as possible for other organizations. Yesterday, we had an introduction call and here were the most important and interesting details:

  • Microsoft will be releasing a 64-bit Directory Synchronization Tool in late July!!! (I can finally retire all 32-bit servers in my environment! YEAH!)
  • Production transitions will start in October 2011.
  • Office 365 will not support Office 2003. Office 2007 or higher is now required. Upgrade your clients now to be ready!
  • Microsoft Communicator contacts will not be transferred to Microsoft Lync.
  • LiveMeeting does not get turned off during the transition! Therefore, previously scheduled meetings can still be held on LiveMeeting with their existing links.
  • Organizations currently running BPOS will be migrated to an equivilent Office 365 plan. For example, Business Productivity Online Standard Suite users will be migrated to Office 365 E2, which includes Exchange Plan 1, SharePoint Plan 1, Lync Plan 2, and Office Web Apps.
  • Organizations will be able to earily upgrade after their transition to plans with additional features, such as Office ProPlus and Lync Plus with voice support.

If you need assistance preparing for your transition, please contact a Microsoft Partner.

Office 365