Bring your employees to the 21st century!

Written By: Chris Hadden, FPC

from July 13, 2012

How much time are you spending each week printing out direct deposit statements? You made the smart decision of offering direct deposit for your employees, yet you’re still spending precious time and money printing out paper statements. And how about those W2s in January? How much time you are spending on that?  And then of course there are all of those other employee changes and HR documents. With the internet and “smart” phone world we live in today, why are we using the same paper methods we used 20 years ago? It’s time to bring your company, and your employees, to the 21st century! And Greenshades can help with that! The thought of changing steps that have been in pace for years can sometimes be intimidating, from a cost perspective and from a training perspective. Well, starting at $3.99 per employee per year, which includes free training and unlimited support, Greenshades can help make this transition a breeze! Not only can Greenshades offer you the ability to email the paystubs to your employees, but it gives you a full hosted portal, so your employees can view their current and historical pay information. And it’s not just your employees that get a portal, but as an administrator you can access this information as well. You can view, archive, save, or print any of this data. Since this is a hosted solution, you do not need any expensive hardware or IT services to get it up in and running. And because the Greenshades Online portal is a direct integration to GP, in less than a day, Greenshades can get this up and running for you, in a very cost effective manner.

As if the relief of having a solution for your distribution of paystubs is not enough, Greenshades can also host your W2, W4, I9, employee handbooks, and more on this same portal. With their Direct Deposit module, your employees can electronically update their bank information, while even submitting a scanned copy of their voided check to Human Resource. Additionally, they can use the Profile Maintenance module to update their mailing address, emergency contacts, email address, and more. Add the Time off request, and Advanced Timesheets solution, and you have an employee self-service portal, that will make you happy and your employees happy. And hey, you are also making the environment happy!

So I’m sure you’ve been thinking about making changes like this a while now, so why not start today?