Cash is King – 3 Ways to Stronger Cash Flow

Written By: Perry Kountouriotis,

from February 27, 2012

Cash Flow Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 grants access to a calendar that shows a dashboard view of Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivable based on due dates. Upon creating an invoice, it assigns a due date and input that into system. The calendar shows receivables due that day, payables due that day, and anticipated payments from customers …all giving companies better insight and management over cash flow.

Collections Management

Manage collections for increased cash flow with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 by building and storing unlimited number of queries to target.  View customers that meet user-defined criteria such as Balance, Notes, Customer, Credit Manager, and Payment History. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 also allows users to set automatic follow-up actions and reminder dates, view completed and uncompleted tasks, and manage payment promises from customers.

Invoicing Management

New features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 allow users to automatically email invoices to customers. Customers receive the communication instantly instead of a couple day turn over. This ensures organizations get paid on time and allows for stronger cash flow. It has been estimated that each time an invoices is printed, prepared, and mailed, it costs an organization eighty-cents to a dollar. With the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, it is basically free.Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 offers a seamless solution that keeps everything together and eliminates cross reference with other data. Information is in real time and the modules work directly together. With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, automation allows users the flexibility to decide which collections to manage – saving time, money, and ensuring accuracy.