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Payment Dates on Sales Transaction Entry Payments

If you’ve ever been asked for help on figuring out why General Ledger cash and the Bank Reconciliation subsidiary don’t match, you know the possibilities can almost seem endless. I usually rule out the obvious causes, like searching for GJ entries on the General Ledger cash account. Or posting all batches under Financial Series Post that relate to the cash account. And there is the new Reconcile to GL feature in Dynamics GP 2013 that helps identify differences between transactions in General Ledger and the Bank Rec module.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Delivers 4 Key Benefits to Physician Groups and Health Care Providers

As the country debates the myriad alternatives in health care choice and reform, one fact is definite: technology investments are paramount in enriching patient services and generating a vigorous outcome for physician groups and health care providers.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Gets This Publishing Firm to the Head of the Class

For almost 35 years, Armond Dalton Publishers has published high-quality supplements for collegiate accounting and information systems courses, including popular courseware for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Over time, the company has carefully added to their product offerings. Today, the company publishes eight supplements; six were authored by their extraordinary team. We provide the Microsoft Dynamics GP technical support desk that professors and teachers assistants use when installing the program and curriculum data on their computers.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Garners Impressive Results for Online Retail Group

A retail media group that creates, manages, and operates online media programs for nationally recognized e-commerce websites had outgrown both QuickBooks and their outsourced bookkeeping. This dynamic organization delivers innovative digital ad campaigns for national brands. Needing better control and quicker reporting, they hired a team of accounting professionals and brought the finance operations in-house.

Revisiting Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Airlift 2013

I have attended many Microsoft Dynamics GP conferences over the years, beginning with my first Great Plains Stampede at the Fargo Dome in 1990.

Improve Your Cash Flow with Professional Advantage’s Collections Management Software for Microsoft Dynamics GP

More and more companies are realizing the benefits of improving cash flow and reducing bad debt while streamlining their business processes

Year-End Procedures for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Another year passes and it is time to start discussing year-end closing procedures for the modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now is the perfect time to review this information, just because it is only done once a year, and also to share information sent out by Microsoft. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Close Resource Center contains year-end close procedures, demos, and FAQs.

Integrating your POS system with Dynamics GP – Part 2

Restaurant and franchisee companies that are using any Point of Sale (POS) system gather the majority of data from these systems. In part 1 of this blog, I discussed the integration of the daily sales and deposits from Point of Sale (POS) systems into GP. In this blog article, I will discuss the additional two integration points of Accounts Payable and Payroll.

Mitigating the risk of implementing a software application

The process of purchasing a new software application for your business can be risky. Likely solutions may come from research, referrals, or possibly through marketing efforts from software vendors. From this point, companies will begin the process of further discovery and product demos.

Here is the latest listing for the GP 2013 Charts and KPIs!

Charts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are great tools to provide us with a quick visual reference of analysis without sifting through complex details. Here is the latest listing for GP 2013:
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