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Simple Steps to Edit Multiple Contact Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When a customer sends notification that they have acquired a new phone number or moved to another location, it can be a tedious task to update each employee’s details individually, especially when there are several contacts saved in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the company.

WennSoft Evolution and Microsoft Dynamics CRM = A New Solution

Market leaders know that keeping the customer at the center of their business sets them apart and that flexibility is needed if individuals and organizations are to grow untethered.

Here comes LEO! Microsoft's truly significant enhancement to CRM

This spring, Microsoft is releasing a truly significant enhancement to CRM. While there are a number of new features I could gush about, the one that I am truly excited about are the changes to the customer service module.

User Credentials Error

If you are seeing this error: "Cannot connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM server because we cannot authenticate your credentials. Check your connection or contact your administrator for more help."

CRM 2013 Installation Error

Recently I was working on a CRM 2013 Server installation for a customer who had a very well structured and stringent security model across their enterprise. Although we had followed the Microsoft documentation and Implementation Guide as well as providing our installation user the minimum permissions required, we were still seeing the following error:

Changing CRM Online Organization Name

You may run into an instance where you need to change your organization name within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. While you cannot change the unique name after it has been created, you do have control over the display name and the URL for your CRM Online organization.

Lucky 13: SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Office 2013, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

The case can always be made to select and prioritize phases for change that make sense for an organization. Today, many organizations find themselves on different versions of interoperable products from Microsoft; and, perhaps other vendors as well. Rather than an organization thinking they should overhaul Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Office 2013, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 systems as a necessity, they need to consider why moving to the “Lucky 13” triad is a smart decision.

CRM Implementation Best Practices

The goal behind a CRM system usually consists of a 360-degree view of the customer and building strong, emotional relationships. However, before you can have a successful CRM system you must have a CRM strategy. Many people mistakenly think that CRM is only a technology investment... which explains where many efforts fall short.

CRM Trends for 2014

Many factors are going to drive changes in 2014. Old school advertising is becoming less effective, customers are becoming dramatically more sophisticated, and engaging your customer’s (the way they want to be engaged) is more important than ever before. To start 2014, we offer 4 trends to watch related to CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

Does Your IT Strategy Support The Millennial Generation?

Recently the results of a study ("Narratives of Job Satisfaction Offered by the ‘100 Best Companies to Work for in America’") conducted and written by Douglas J Swanson, Ed.D APR was sent to me. In summary, this study and the resultant paper written by Dr. Swanson evaluated the use of text or video-based narratives on a company’s website, and the impact on the Millennial generation viewers as it related to company image. As a person who studies and enjoys the area of organizational psychology this was interesting to me. So, how does this relate to IT, let alone Microsoft Dynamics products?
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