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CRM change management: marketing a new system to staff members

Change management is an important and sometimes difficult component of business operations. Changes large and small inevitably appear for companies, and getting employees to accept and work with those changes is crucial to continued success.

CRM and employee adoption: Is your business set up for success?

No matter how useful or effective a new piece of business software can be, a lack of adoption and use on the part of employees can lower return on investment and severely limit the effectiveness of a system.

How to Maximize Your Investment with the Right Microsoft Partner

Choosing the solution that’s right for your business is pretty important. But an equally important step for the success of your solution is choosing the implementation partner that’s right for you. Unfortunately, many businesses undervalue this phase of the decision-making process, and the results are not very pretty.

Problem configuring a Microsoft CRM 2011 Outlook client

When trying to configure the CRM 2011 Outlook client I kept getting the error message, "There is a problem communicating with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server. The server might be unavailable. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your administrator." However, Fiddler traces showed successful 200 responses from the Microsoft CRM Server and I was able to access the Microsoft CRM Server successfully from Internet Explorer.

Issue and Workaround: Workplace Tab Removed - CRM Online 2013

You may have run into an issue with CRM Online 2013 after you have upgraded your CRM to the Spring 2014 Service Pack. The issue is that the Workplace tab gets removed. Microsoft is aware of this issue. If you experience the issue, you can contact them and they can fix the issue on the back end, thus giving you the Workplace tab back.

Loss of Workplace Tab - CRM Online 2013 Fix

It appears after your CRM Online 2013 gets upgraded to the Spring 2014 Service Pack the Workplace tab gets removed. Microsoft is aware of this issue.

CRM 2013 Quick Create - Records & Forms

With the release of CRM 2013, there have been a bunch of new features that enhance user’s experience. One of the most powerful new features is the quick create option which allows someone to create another record rapidly from a view, or another form. Below is a screen shot from the view:

Simple Steps to Edit Multiple Contact Records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

When a customer sends notification that they have acquired a new phone number or moved to another location, it can be a tedious task to update each employee’s details individually, especially when there are several contacts saved in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the company.

WennSoft Evolution and Microsoft Dynamics CRM = A New Solution

Market leaders know that keeping the customer at the center of their business sets them apart and that flexibility is needed if individuals and organizations are to grow untethered.

Here comes LEO! Microsoft's truly significant enhancement to CRM

This spring, Microsoft is releasing a truly significant enhancement to CRM. While there are a number of new features I could gush about, the one that I am truly excited about are the changes to the customer service module.
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