Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Gets This Publishing Firm to the Head of the Class

For almost 35 years, Armond Dalton Publishers has published high-quality supplements for collegiate accounting and information systems courses, including popular courseware for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Over time, the company has carefully added to their product offerings. Today, the company publishes eight supplements; six were authored by their extraordinary team. We provide the Microsoft Dynamics GP technical support desk that professors and teachers assistants use when installing the program and curriculum data on their computers.

Choosing an ERP System - Tax Compliance Considerations

Choosing the right ERP that’s going to get the job done for your business is a tall order. Successfully implementing that system so it properly adds value to your business requires a great deal of forethought and consideration of the impact the system will have on all departments. But it’s not just the impact the ERP will have on departments, but on compliance as well. What many businesses don’t realize is that compliance (both in tax and in reporting) plays an important role in your ERP choices, from the core ERP you choose, to each module you include, to the 3rd party solutions you integrate.

Using Dynamics ERP to Reduce Audit Risk

Tax compliance. It is one of those tasks that can drive your accounting department or bookkeeper crazy. It’s also an unavoidable, statutory requirement. Undoubtedly you have developed a process that works, but do you know how that process will hold up in an audit? With an average audit penalty of $34,000 and the average total cost for a business to manage a sales tax audit of $96,552, most companies cannot afford to make a mistake, even if it’s a little one. The consequences of making mistakes are dire.

SmartList window won’t open for a specific user

I had a call from a customer running Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Sp2. They were using Smartlist the day before when Microsoft Dynamics GP hung. The rebooted their computer and they connected again to the terminal server where Microsoft Dynamics Gp was installed.

Deduction or Benefit Amounts doubling on the W-2

If you have any deduction or benefit amounts that are doubling on the W-2 after running the Payroll Year End Wage file, check the values you have listed in your W-2 Box and W-2 Label filed on the deduction or benefit. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to have deductions and benefits listed on up to 4 boxes on the W-2.

Sales Tax and The Supply Chain – Q&A

The supply chain is one of the trickiest areas to navigate in the world of sales tax compliance, often involving sales tax, use tax, exemption certificates, and headaches. Creating a tax-efficient procurement process is the best way to protect your business in this often high-risk audit environment. But where do you start?

GP Service Pack 2 - Better Form, Function, and Features

The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2 not only includes resolutions for numerous items but it also includes new features within Analytical Accounting, Document Attach, Human Resources and Payroll, Smartlist Designer, and Visual Studio Tools.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Garners Impressive Results for Online Retail Group

A retail media group that creates, manages, and operates online media programs for nationally recognized e-commerce websites had outgrown both QuickBooks and their outsourced bookkeeping. This dynamic organization delivers innovative digital ad campaigns for national brands. Needing better control and quicker reporting, they hired a team of accounting professionals and brought the finance operations in-house.

Dynamics GP in Long-Term Care Facilities

A few weeks back I had an interesting conversation with a long-term care (LTC) facility about their technology infrastructure and the idea of utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP to meet their needs. As an organization they seem resistant to making IT changes and investments despite the fact they are somewhat behind the times.

Attention! SQL Backup Failed

Attention! When attempting to take a backup of a GP database in SQL Server Management Studio, you receive the error: Backup failed for Server ‘SERVERNAME’
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