Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Transaction Import: Table Import vs. Integration Manager

When Dynamics GP users are looking at a way to automate some of their payroll processes, they often look at implementing a time entry or time card system that will produce an electronic file that can be used for import. Some of the time entry software has its own built-in import functionality with Dynamics GP, but the software companies that provide this functionality are in the minority and may not always be a fit for an end-user due to cost or features. Because there are a variety of ways to import time entry information into Dynamics, we recommend that customers focus on the features of the time entry software, and not on whether there is already a pre-built import to Dynamics.

How to Reset the SQL Server Management Studio Layout

Providing technical support assistance for Microsoft Dynamics GP, SQL Server Management Studio is frequently accessed to check on database statuses, security management, SQL Server configurations, and querying of data. Upon connecting to the server and to great surprise, the layout is frequently found in disarray.

Error in Equation when printing Payroll Checks in GP2013

After an upgrade to GP2013 (all service packs including R2), the following error may be encountered when printing payroll checks:

Payment Dates on Sales Transaction Entry Payments

If you’ve ever been asked for help on figuring out why General Ledger cash and the Bank Reconciliation subsidiary don’t match, you know the possibilities can almost seem endless. I usually rule out the obvious causes, like searching for GJ entries on the General Ledger cash account. Or posting all batches under Financial Series Post that relate to the cash account. And there is the new Reconcile to GL feature in Dynamics GP 2013 that helps identify differences between transactions in General Ledger and the Bank Rec module.

This document has been posted – Sales Order

Have you ever tried to open an order and received the following message “This document has been posted”?

The Important Business Function Your ERP Can’t Handle

Many companies choose to invest in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to unify business processes. An ERP system affords greater visibility and control over your business processes and ensures better compliance across operations. The centralization and automation of core functions means an easier way to monitor all aspects of business and lays a strong framework for compliance with an array of regulations. The result is greater efficiencies throughout the organization. But even the most robust ERP systems don’t always include a sales tax compliance option, leaving back-office staff to manage the host of sales tax rate, rule, boundary, and taxability regulations manually.

Sharing Employees is Productive but Creates Payroll Challenges

In order to get the most out of your talented employees, you may have them divide time between several departments or projects. Sharing employees can improve labor productivity and more of your customers can benefit from their specific expertise.

Business Analyzer reports are blank within Dynamics GP

On a recent support case, a user reported that the Business Analyzer reports from the Home Page of Microsoft Dynamics GP were blank. Business Analyzer was selected under the “Customize this page…” link and several reports were inserted under the Selected Reports column.

Navigation is missing within Management Reporter

After a recent deployment of Management Reporter 2012, users reported having no navigation available within Report Designer. The toolbar and menus were accessible. However, the navigation pane known as the Go Menu in Report Designer only displayed Security.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Delivers 4 Key Benefits to Physician Groups and Health Care Providers

As the country debates the myriad alternatives in health care choice and reform, one fact is definite: technology investments are paramount in enriching patient services and generating a vigorous outcome for physician groups and health care providers.
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