Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Linq Queries in CRM

CRM provides for multiple methods of querying data from the API FetchXML, QueryExpressions, Linq, and OData. Each of these technologies has their time and place.

New features on the way for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Part 1

The newest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, GP 2015, scheduled for release on December 1, 2014, is offering a host of benefits to companies who decide to upgrade or implement it. Already known for its strong base and the ability to easily add-on modules to meet business- and industry-specific needs, there are dozens of new features that will make business management easier and more effective. With so many new and improved functionalities added to this enterprise resource planning software, we'll be be breaking down these additional offerings in a series of posts.

Questions to answer for effective ERP systems

Enterprise resource planning software is already a must-have system in the manufacturing industry and has been so for decades. Because of the high level of penetration of ERP into the industry, manufacturing businesses often have more knowledge and experience on hand. This makes the selection and implementation easier for companies involved in manufacturing, although there are still plenty of issues that need attention when these organizations add or update an ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics GP helped this business gain more insight, control and financial visibility

A Midwestern business in the fields of prosthetics, orthotics and mobility and accessibility projects needed to upgrade and improve its ability to produce real-time, statistics-based reporting and handle its accounts payable needs and other financial concerns. The company is known for its custom solutions to mobility problems and a commitment to improving the active lives of its patients.

How to Maximize Your Investment with the Right Microsoft Partner

Choosing the solution that’s right for your business is pretty important. But an equally important step for the success of your solution is choosing the implementation partner that’s right for you. Unfortunately, many businesses undervalue this phase of the decision-making process, and the results are not very pretty.

Manufacturing in Dynamics GP without the complexities of the Manufacturing module

If your needs do not include MRP or time-phased manufacturing processes, you can probably adapt Inventory Bills of Material to your needs. The following article demonstrates a method to include labor and overhead in your Assembly Bills of Material, and provides a straightforward approach to full absorption costing as well.

Part 1: How to Reduce Inventory Quantity Decimal Places

When reducing the Quantity Decimal Places, you need to deal with fractional quantities. This is because On-Hand Inventory Quantities need to be taken into consideration when reducing decimal places. Previous transactions could have fractional quantities, which may require adjustment transactions to eliminate fractional quantities On-Hand prior to reducing the Quantity Decimal Places.

Notes Window Won’t Open

A customer is running Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Sp2. They were using a terminal server where Microsoft Dynamics GP was installed. A user was clicking on an Item Note but the window would not open. The menu items would be grey like it was trying to open but nothing opened. This was only happening for this terminal server, the SQL server was fine.

Window Command Display Ribbon area in GP 2013 R2

Have you recently upgraded to GP 2013 R2 and your ribbon command areas on your windows now include buttons that were previously arranged on your window?

Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll Transaction Import: Table Import vs. Integration Manager

When Dynamics GP users are looking at a way to automate some of their payroll processes, they often look at implementing a time entry or time card system that will produce an electronic file that can be used for import. Some of the time entry software has its own built-in import functionality with Dynamics GP, but the software companies that provide this functionality are in the minority and may not always be a fit for an end-user due to cost or features. Because there are a variety of ways to import time entry information into Dynamics, we recommend that customers focus on the features of the time entry software, and not on whether there is already a pre-built import to Dynamics.
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