Changing Default SmartList Options

Written By: Linda Brock

from April 9, 2013

Ever wished for an Account SmartList defaulted to a maximum of 3,000 records, or a Vendor SmartList that did not automatically include City, State, and Postal Code – without having to edit the Search window or the Columns window each time? The good news is the defaults for “out-of-the-box” SmartLists can be changed.

Simply open the SmartList Options window by accessing Administration, choose Setup, click System, and click SmartList Options. This handy window allows users to set the default goto, maximum records, default columns, and case sensitivity on searches for all default views in SmartList. Remember, these changes only affect the default (asterisked *) SmartList at the top of each SmartList category. SmartLists with names will not be changed.