“COPY ACCESS” Feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP is a Breeze!

Written By: Jennifer Swiderski

from October 17, 2012

Donielle Winslow, one of our Microsoft Dynamics Senior Support Technicians at The TM Group, had asked via our inter-corporate Yammer, “Has anyone else explored the Copy Access feature in GP user setup?” This started some great intercompany discussion about this awesome feature which we thought would make a good blog. So I asked her for a brief discussion of this terrific feature.

“I LOVE this for setting up new users!” Donielle explained. “This useful function is found in the user set up screen in Microsoft Dynamics GP. This feature will actually copy the company access and security settings from another user to the new user. It greatly simplifies the process of setting up a new user which using the Copy Access feature would only take about a minute.”
This feature will be helpful in many situations. It would be great to use for setting up users during the testing before  “Go Live”  This will also be ideal for a new set up with users in both new implementations as well as converting users from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to GP 2013.

“Think about having the clients setup users based on their roles within the organization,” explains Donielle. “Now you may use those “newly accessed users” to copy a “new user” setup for example to a new accounts payable clerk. Permissions are granted along with the appropriated security within the bundled tasks and associated roles. This in turn assigns all the securities for that particular user setup, and would be useful for setting up your accountant(s), accounting manager, controller, customer service representatives, and your sales teams.  It’s so quick and easy!!”

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