Create Multiple Checks to a Single Vendor

Written By: Jackie Smith

from April 9, 2013

Many companies have multiple accounts with utility, telephone and cell phone vendors. For example, there may be eight locations in the same area and all the utility accounts are with the same utility vendor. All payments are remitted to the same address; however, each location has a separate account number. Typically the bills would be paid with one check and often there are problems with the way the vendor applies the payment.

This situation can easily be corrected by writing a separate check for each account number.  An easy way to do this is with the Remit To functionality.

Setup additional addresses for the vendor and use the vendor’s account number as the address id. In this particular example, this results in eight different address id’s and the remit to address is the same on each one. When entering the utility invoices in Payables Transaction Entry, select the Remit To address that matches the bill’s account number. Once run, the checks are printed out by remit to address and a separate check is issued for each account.