Creating Contacts and Leads from an Email CRM Tip

Written By: Ken Jacobsen

from July 9, 2013

There is an easy way to see whether people copied on an email are contacts or leads in Microsoft Dynamics CRM system when using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client.

When opening an email that is tracked in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or when promoting one to be tracked, Microsoft Dynamics CRM adds a pane to the bottom of the email that displays the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Related Records. If the related record is blue, it is an email address that is already being tracked in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If the record is red, then the email address is not already in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The really cool feature is simply right click on the red records and add them from the email as leads or contacts directly into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The basic contact information will default, but users will want to update the address and other fields. The TM Group has even added an On-Demand Workflow in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment that will also copy the account’s address information to the contact so it does not have to be done manually. This feature makes it a lot easier to spot the contacts not yet in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. 

By Ken Jacobsen, The TM Group