CRM and Outlook Integrations

Written By: Michael Surmanian and Jim Carroll

from July 9, 2013

With Microsoft Office Outlook integration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM inherits Outlook features and innovations including spell check, user defined viewing panes (with drag and drop field views/locations), and integrated task creation, tied to Microsoft Dynamics CRM fields and attributes.

Another excellent feature is the use of conditional formatting to highlight Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.  For example, a user can highlight all leads within a certain territory, such as a state, or leads that are generated from a marketing campaign, for special follow-up. Or, one may color code service cases related to a specific customer for easy visualization within a list for special attention.

In addition, users can group data by Categories that are highlighted by Conditional formats. With a right click, items within a view may be grouped by category, date, location, and all other Outlook provided attributes.

By Michael Surmanian and Jim Carroll, Advanced Solutions and Consulting