CRM Online New CAL Options

Written By: Dave Packard

from March 15, 2013

Along with all of the trumpeted updates of Update Rollup 12 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (such as cross browser support), there was one that quietly appeared on the User form.

If you happened upon it, and never had an on-premise CRM system, you are probably left wondering what it is:

On-premise users are familiar with having different CAL options and each option has a slightly different price attached to it along with different functionality. With this change, CRM Online now has similar functionality but there is still only one price. Each CRM Online CAL is $44/user/month regardless of which access mode you select.

The different CAL options are:

  • Read-Write
  • Administrative
  • Non-interactive

The default access mode is Read-Write and provides that user with, you guessed it, read and write permissions to the data in CRM. In other words, this is full access.

Administrative access allows that user to create customizations and manage other users. It does not allow access to the data.

A non-interactive user can’t access the CRM system for data or customizations. It is only for programmatic access to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK as shown on this Error message when you try to log into CRM as this type of user:

This non-interactive user will only be able to access the system through the web service interface and does not have access to the UI or the data.

So which one should you use? In the vast majority of cases, you will use the Read-Write access because your users need access to the data. Occasionally you may use the Administrative, and rarely, if ever, would you use the Non-interactive mode (unless you are a developer who will use the Software Development Kit).

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