Customer AR Aging in Dynamics GP

Written By: Jodie Macariola

from October 5, 2012

In Receivables Management Setup, you determine the setup of your aging buckets and whether those buckets are based on the due date of the invoice or the document date of the invoice. 

If customer invoices are Net 0, then this setting doesn’t impact anything.  However, if customers have terms, then how old the document appears on the aging report will be impacted by this setup.

The historical aged trial balance has some options that impact what prints or doesn’t print on the report and how old it appears.

Print/Age as of:  This is the cutoff date and the date as of which the aging buckets are calculated
    – Invoice Date: 5/1/12
    – If you print the report aged as of today (6/27/12), the 5/1 invoice would show up in the 31-60 day bucket based on the above setup.
If you print the report aged as of a month ago (5/27/12), the 5/1 invoice would show up in the Current bucket based on the above setup.

Select Transactions For Report Using:  Tells the report whether to use the GL posting date of the transaction or the Document Date of the transaction as the basis for determining if the transaction is before the cutoff date (print/age as of).

The Aged Trial Balance with options does not have the ability to “print/age as of”.  It ages as of the last time the aging routine was run.  There is the ability to select a range of dates as a restriction, and if this is done, the “select transactions for report using” field becomes active.

- Screen shots from a version 2010 Fabrikam lesson company

By Jodie Macariola, SR. Project Manager & GP Focus Leader  with Cargas Systems