Customizing Views

Written By: Dave Packard

from November 15, 2012

One question I often get from clients is how to modify the views to show their new custom fields or rearrange the columns in the view. Fortunately, this is a fairly easy customization if you are a system admin or system customizer. Let’s take the My Open Opportunities view. Out of the box it will show the most relevant default fields. But for my company we need to know what type of customer each Opportunity is for, either Residential or Commercial. To accommodate this we added a custom field called Customer Type to the Opportunity form, so now we need to add this new field to our view. To modify the view while in the Opportunities, click on the Customize tab and then View: This takes you directly to the My Open Opportunities view instead of having to navigate through Settings. It’s a nice shortcut that CRM 2011 has built in. To add my custom Customer Type field I select the column to the left of where I want to place it (in this case I want it next to the Topic column) and click Add Columns. Find the Customer Type column on the list and click OK: Your custom field is placed on the view. If you want to move the column left or right simply highlight it and use the green arrow buttons. If you want to sort the view based on the values of Customer Type, click on Configure Sorting, adjust the sort as needed, and click OK. Click on Save and Close on the My Open Opportunities view to save the changes you just made and then click on Publish All Customizations in the ribbon: Give it a minute to publish the changes and then navigate away from the My Open Opportunities view and come back to it to refresh the screen and your changes will be in place. The view now shows the custom field Customer Type and is sorted by this field. For more extensive changes to views such as removing columns and changing the filter criteria on the view, simply go back to the customize view screen and click on Edit Filter to change the criteria of what is shown in the view or highlight a field and click Remove to take if off of the view. Views are the primary ways users interact with CRM data, so setting up the views to work for your business needs is an important step in any implementation. To find other ways CRM can be customized to your company contact Cargas Systems, a certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner offering software, services, and support that help improve your business processes.

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