Debits and Credits – Saving Time on Recurring Batches

Written By: John Hoyt of Technology Management Concepts

from September 24, 2012

By using recurring batches in Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can save considerable time with repetitive tasks. When a new batch is created, Microsoft Dynamics GP sets it to a one-time use batch by default. Once the batch has been posted, the batch itself is deleted. For some recurring transactions, create a recurring batch to allow that batch to be posted as many times as necessary with the transaction date for each item in the batch being rolled forward appropriately.

Consider a company that needs to send out multiple rent checks every month. With no variation in the transactions except for the date, these are a perfect candidate for a recurring batch. When creating the batch, change the Batch Frequency from Single-Use to the proper frequency (Monthly in this case). Now, every transaction saved to the batch will be saved and re-used in the following month. When changing the Frequency from Single Use, users can also specify how many times they want that batch to be posted, or leave it as Zero and the batch will be available every month indefinitely.