Debits and Credits

Written By: Linda Brock, Brady Curtis, Cheryl Aceto, Richard Whaley

from March 4, 2012

Debits and Credits

Changing the Date on a Transaction

by Linda Brock, Knaster Technology Group

Change the date on a transaction, inquiry, or report screen – essentially anywhereyou have a date field – by simply typing the day (assuming the month and the year will stay the same). For example if today is 01/15/2012 and a transaction date needs to be 01/05/2012, with the entire Date field highlighted, enter a 5 and tab off of the date field. To change the month and day – for example to 02/20/2012 – highlight the entire Date field, type 0220, and tab off of the field.


Share a Navigation List

by Brady Curtis, The Resource Group

Navigation Lists in Microsoft Dynamics GP allow users to share a customized list of specific data with other system users. Users can be specifically named and as assigned permissions of “read” or “read and write” capability. To share Navigation Lists in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

• Open the created Navigation List from the tab on the left side of the homepage.

• Click on the title of the List to expose the Navigation List dropdown menu.

• Click Customize.

• Click on the arrow to the right of the Sharing option in the Modify List View section. The Sharing Details window opens.

• Select the Public option, then click the Add User button at the bottom and select a User ID.

• Mark the box next to the users to share the Navigation List.



Wrong IDs from Auto Complete

by Cheryl Aceto, Express Information Systems 

To clear incorrect IDs from AutoComplete: Access the AutoComplete settings from the User Preferences window. Click the Auto- Complete button to open the setup window. By default Remove Unused Entries after X days is set to 0, which means entries are never removed. Set this value to 30 days and the mistyped entry drops off after 30 days. A more drastic approach would be to Remove All Entries. If you  rely on the AutoComplete, the latter option is not recommended; however, if you are just starting and want to clear your mistakes this might be the answer.


New US Payroll Feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

by Cheryl Aceto, Express Information Systems

If the fiscal year is not a calendar year, be sure to mark the Payroll Setup Options window to Enable Fiscal Year Tracking for compensation, deductions, and benefits. This will allow reports to be run based on the fiscal year for budgeting purposes as well as other reporting requests. The inquiry windows can display both Calendar and Fiscal year data with this option.


Materials Requirement

Planning Quantities Query

by Richard Whaley, Integrated Business Group

The Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) Quantities Query is an inquiry used to list the MRP Planned Purchase Orders (POs) and Manufacturing Orders. Without any restriction, the Query will list ALL of the items planned by MRP. For example, select for the MRP Quantity the Planned POs and get a long list of POs – some of which should not yet be released (sent to vendors). There is a Release Date option in the Ranges section. Putting a range of dates in this field will only display planned orders that need to be released between those dates. The down arrow to the right of the prompt opens a menu of date ranges to select. Using these ranges helps shorten the list of recommended orders to just those needed now.