Efficiency is Key in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Efficiency is Key in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Written By: Rhonda Sutliff

from May 4, 2015

Rockton Software has many products that can help make day-to-day life in Microsoft Dynamics GP more efficient by finding data quicker, figuring out who changed a record without asking everyone in the office, locating unusual Microsoft Dynamics GP windows in no time, and launching reports from inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

SmartFill is a great tool to increase efficiency for your users. With this, you can find information 83 percent faster when looking up records in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Type in the information you know, and SmartFill will return your results. The best part is, you don’t have to search based on the field you’re trying to look up. For example, you may be searching for an account in the Account Number field, but you don’t have to type in the Account Number. Instead, you could search on the Account Description, Account Alias, or even part of the Account Number. This makes looking up records much faster. Using SmartFill, you can quickly find the record to see the information you need.

Have you ever had someone ask who changed a record, and you spend hours searching, but ultimately you’re unable to find the information? With Auditor, you can capture edits to records and then later see who made the change, when he/she changed it, and what was changed.

The Dynamics GP Toolbox offers many tools to help increase efficiency in your Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Security Manager: Let’s face it, security in Microsoft Dynamics GP is not always the easiest to get around. You can use Security Manager to quickly find and view your security settings for your users. You can also easily make changes to security within Security Manager. With the Security Settings window, you can see which Task and Role a window is attached to so you can give the appropriate security to the user. This makes setting up security super easy.

Task Builder: The Task Builder tool allows you to efficiently create a new security task. Rather than using the Security Task Maintenance window, where you have to make sure you select the right product, series, and type, just use the Task Builder to easily add the windows you require on that task.

Reason For Hold: It can be frustrating to enter a transaction only to find the Customer or Vendor you’re trying to use is on hold and you don’t know why. Rather than asking around, you can use the Reason For Hold tool. When the user places the Customer or Vendor on hold, they’re prompted to enter a reason. When you try to use that Customer or Vendor, the message pops up so you know instantly why they’re on hold, preventing you from spending extra time trying to find out why.

Mentor: This is a great tool to help make searching for a window in Microsoft Dynamics GP more efficient. Rather than clicking around and guessing where the window is, you can use Mentor to type in part of the window name and have the path returned for you. Of course, for extra efficiency, you can just double-click the window name in the results, and the window opens for you.

Inspector: It can be tough trying to create a report or find a specific field from a window in the correct table. You can efficiently find this information using Inspector; you just open the tool and then open the window you need the information for, and Inspector will populate with the appropriate information. When you need to know what tables the Customer Number, or any other field, is stored in as well as the column name in the table, you can quickly find it in Inspector.

Dynamics Report Manager (DRM) can make reporting more efficient in multiple ways. This product allows more flexibility in printing reports, which increases efficiency.

Streamline your reports to print right from Microsoft Dynamics GP. You may have reports in Crystal Reports or SSRS that require you to use those products to print. DRM allows you to print those reports in Microsoft Dynamics GP rather than spending time printing them somewhere else.

You can group your reports together for quick access and easy printing of multiple reports at once. This saves you from having to go to multiple windows and locations to print when you can print all your reports that you need right from the Dynamics Report Explorer window.

DRM also allows you to create batch reports so that you can efficiently email out reports to your customers or other internal employees.

Lastly, you can use DRM to schedule reports to print for you. This way, they can print overnight or while you’re out of the office so that they’re ready for you upon return.

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