Error – The Operation could not be completed due to a failure on the server.

Written By: Randal Mayer

from April 18, 2013

Scenario –
Upon completing a Management Reporter 2012 Rollup 4 deployment with Hotfix, the installation was validated as functional and ready for the migration of FRx reports. Migrating the reports without any concerns, it was time to start validating the definitions within Management Reporter. Launching Management Reporter, the following error displayed –

‘The operation could not be completed due to a failure on the server.’

Checking the Configuration Console for Management Reporter, the Service logs captured the following –

‘System.ArgumentException: Font ‘Century Gothic’ cannot be found.‘

Checking the Control Panel for installed Fonts on the workstation, sure enough Century Gothic was not installed.

Cause –
The error is occurring because the default font style of Century Gothic utilized within FRx is not installed.

Resolution –
There are a couple of options to resolve this condition.

1. The option I took was to install the missing font onto the workstation.  For this case, the Management Reporter 2012 Application Service and Process Service required being removed then installed again. This was after the font was installed.

2. Not available for my case but another option is from a workstation having the font already installed, launch Management Reporter and click Format – Styles and Formatting. Modify the Default style name by changing the Formatting setup to a font which all workstations have installed.

3. Checking additional options, a SQL update statement executed against the Management Reporter database is available. The statement will be similar to the following depending on the font to be set. It is a font which all workstations should have installed.

Update ControlFontStyle set FontName=’Century Gothic’ where Name=’Default’