Excel Budgets – did you know?

Written By: Wendy Johnson

from April 17, 2013

Use the following tips to troubleshoot issues that may occur when you use Excel-Based Budgeting:

  • Budgets do not automatically update. If the budget was created in Microsoft Office Excel, changes that are made in Microsoft Dynamics GP are not going to automatically update the Excel report. Make sure that you export the budgets back into Excel so that your budgets are in sync. Similarly, in Microsoft Dynamics GP, make sure that changes in Excel are imported back into the Microsoft Dynamics GP budgets.
  • You can add more rows in the Excel spreadsheet. These additional rows will update the Microsoft Dynamics GP budgets as soon as the import is complete.
  • You can add more columns only to the right side of the formatted Microsoft Dynamics GP columns. Columns cannot be added in between the existing formatted Microsoft Dynamics GP columns.
  • A calculation can be added to the Excel spreadsheet. Microsoft Dynamics GP only exports the numbers into Excel. Microsoft Dynamics GP does not export the calculation formulas.
  • Use the Budget Wizard in Microsoft Dynamics GP to create a budget from scratch in Excel and to create a blank spreadsheet that is already formatted.
  • When you create a budget you have the option to create the budget for a whole fiscal year or for a date range that can be extended beyond the fiscal year.

By Wendy Johnson, Consultant with Cargas Systems.