Gaining Productivity in the Nonprofit Sector

Written By: Eric Gjerdevig

from May 21, 2012

Nonprofits work endlessly to create interest and support for their mission. Unfortunately, many nonprofits have been forced to rely on outdated and inefficient accounting software. The recession has forced many nonprofits to put off ERP upgrades, and it’s easy to understand why. But is now the time to cut back on ERP spending?

Non-profit organizations depend largely on fundraising activities and grants. Effectively tracking your fundraising information is essential and with grants you must track the amounts accurately and remain compliant with strict government standards. The often complex accounting of a non-profit organization can be made easier with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP your accounting system can become much more than a database full of debits and credits. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers accurate data collection and reliable reporting results. As with other common Microsoft software, Microsoft Dynamics GP is familiar and easy to use, making it convenient to access data and print reports. You can simplify the accountability to grantors and membership with reports that can summarize information about grants and other fiscal records. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to look up and report on data for a member or constituent, as is often required by non-profits.

Grant funding and fundraising revenues are easier to track and report than ever before with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Reducing manual entry and manual reconciliation processes will improve productivity and will help when tracking or reporting on specific grants or programs. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics GP can be integrated to Fundraising software such as PeakNFP to even further reduce manual data entry.

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps non-profits comply with regulations, manage grants and fundraising activities, and improve the efficiency of accounting practices. Streamlining the unique accounting needs of your non-profit will save you time and money, allowing you to focus more on your core mission, and less on accounting. This provides greater cost-benefit value to your membership or constituents. The key is to simplify accounting practices of your non-profit while getting more value out of the solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP.