Get Lync’d

Written By: Josh Behl

from June 7, 2012

Perhaps one of the most useful integrations in the Microsoft Dynamics world is between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Outlook. For a long time, Outlook has been the most prevalent communication tool used by most organizations. However, the communications horizon is much broader now with the availability of Microsoft Lync. And as with Outlook, the integration capabilities between Lync and Microsoft Dynamics are also remarkable!

Lync is built to fully integrate with Microsoft Office

What Is Lync?

Microsoft Lync is a unified communications platform. With Lync, users can keep track of their contacts’ availability; send an instant message; start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or make a phone call—all through a consistent, familiar interface. Lync is built to fully integrate with Microsoft Office. In other words, in some ways, Lync is a sleek combination of Skype, Live Messenger, and LiveMeeting.

Lync To Microsoft Dynamics CRM

There are a few very simple ways Lync integrates to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a handful of third party tools available which facilitate different kinds of integrations.

Track Conversations

Lync instant message conversations can be easily tracked to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact. To save a conversation to a customer in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, open Microsoft Outlook and from the Folder List access the Conversation History folder to open that conversation. This conversation can be tracked just as a normal email, task, appointment or contact is tracked from Outlook into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Once the conversation is tracked, it will appear as an email within Microsoft Dynamics CRM tied to the record specified.

Contact Presence

Another way Lync integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is through tracking the presence or availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM contacts in Lync. For example, from directly within a Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact record accessed through Outlook, there are options to make a phone call or Lync Call to chat with the contact. From here it is also possible to initiatiate an instant message conversation, schedule a meeting, do a screen sharing session, send an email, and even see the contact’s availability. The contact’s phone numbers appear with the Lync icon next to it. If clicked, Lync opens and creates a Lync call directly to that phone number.

It is important to note that this is does not track the phone call through Lync as a phone call in Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically. There are other integration possibilities available through a series of third party vendors that facilitate this. Check out the Dynamics University blog for links to several.

Lync instant message conversations can be easily tracked to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM contact.

However, even without third party integration scenarios, there are other simple Lync integration points that are very handy. For example, while logging a phone call in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a contact, there is the ability to start a video call via Lync directly from within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM phone call record by hovering over the contact information.

The communication possibilities and further useful integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM are really expanded via Microsoft Lync. Contact your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner today to take advantage of this great communication tool.