Getting the most out of your Fundraising Software

Written By: Bill Malone

from April 2, 2012

Successfully implementing new Donor Management Software requires much more than picking a new software product. Nonprofits that view a donor strategy as simply purchasing new software frequently fail to realize the desired value or return on their investment. These nonprofits don’t usually fail because the software didn’t work, but because they didn’t have a well thought out strategy or fundraising process. I’ve talked with hundreds of nonprofits and most express frustration with their fundraising software. This frustration is born from a combination of higher than expected software related costs, expensive data migrations, confusing functionality, and a lack of user adoption (or at least a lack of efficiency).

Sustainability coupled with sound development strategy

Research tells me that the largest cause of frustration may not so easily be self-identified by nonprofits. New software is often purchased without a plan for ongoing training and support and without a plan as to how the software integrates with and supports sound donor development strategy and process. The frustration is born from the notion that many nonprofits purchase new fundraising software in an effort to solve a fundraising problem–ignoring focus on improving their processes.

At PeakNFP we are working hard to take a different approach by considering all aspects of sustainability and integration into donor management and development strategy. PeakNFP Donor Management is the premium end-to-end software solution for development and donor management. We are committed to delivering the greatest value by helping to eliminate many of these traditional frustrations and issues. We are changing the fundraising game through our focus on delivering a Development and Donor Management solution that:

  • Is built to be run in either Microsoft Outlook or through your browser and on your devices.
  • Available either as a cloud-based or on-premise implementation.
  • Delivers our full development solution at a low monthly subscription price that includes unlimited support and end user training.
  • Moves your data from your current solutions (such as Giftworks and Raisers Edge) at an extremely low fixed rate.
  • Is built to take full advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Built 100% on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, PeakNFP Donor Management can run entirely within Microsoft Outlook.  So right out of the box your donor management solution is integrated with applications you use to interact with your constituents today.  Additionally, we are working to make sure that our solution is more than just a great piece of software.  Watch for upcoming posts where we’ll talk about how we are working with our nonprofit customers to make sure that their development software is paired with a great fundraising process and/or methodology.

Watch a demo of our Donor Management solution today and learn how it can help you.