GoingGreen GP is Better, Right out of the Box!

Written By: Diann Fariss

from December 19, 2012

Today, many companies are looking for ways to “Go Green” with positive incentives like being earth-friendly, saving costs on paper, storage space, postage, and staffing. Whatever the motivation may be, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers many ‘out of the box’ possibilities. Here are a few ways to begin taking your organization to a greener place!

Audit Trails
Microsoft Dynamics GP generates an abundance of audit trails during the posting process. These can be turned on and off, set to Print To Screen, File, or Ask Each Time as desired. If an audit trail isn’t printed during posting, it can be re-printed at a later date. To change the print settings go to Microsoft Dynamics GP, click Tools, choose Setup, and click Posting. Then choose the Series desired and the Origin of the transaction.

In the Reports section, unmark any of the audit trails under the Print column and this keeps the unmarked audit trails from printing during posting. If a report is desired, but it should not go directly to the printer, use the Send To selections to change the destination. The question mark (?) icon asks the user for a destination during posting, the Screen icon sends the report to the screen, the Printer icon sends directly to printer, and the File Folder icon writes the report to file.

If using Send To Screen, the report can be printed from screen if desired. When using Send To File use the Show Details arrows to see the second line for each entry. Choose the file type (Text File, Tab -Delimited, Comma – Delimited, or HTML File) and whether to append or replace the file, then specify the path that should be used. All users performing this function should have access to this path. Audit trails can always be re-printed from the Reports menu of the Series under Posting Journals.

Implement Emailing of Documents
Microsoft Dynamics GP has the capability to email documents directly to customers and vendors. Documents can be sent as PDF, XPS, HTML or DOCX formats and include the following:

• Sales quote
• Receivables finance charges
• Sales order
• Receivables warranty
• Sales fulfillment order
• Receivables service/repair
• Sales invoice
• Standard purchase order
• Receivables invoice
• Blanket purchase order
• Receivables return
• Drop-ship purchase order
• Receivables debit memo
• Vendor remittances
• Receivables credit memo

Predefined messages can be set up that include information from the documents being sent. Find detailed information to set this up by searching on ‘Email functionality’ in the help area. Stay green by emailing customer and vendor documents and request receiving yours that way.

EFT for Payables
Many companies are moving away from printed checks and implementing EFT. EFT produces a file that can be uploaded to the bank to process vendor payments. When combined with emailing the Vendor Remittances, the savings are significant. There is less check stock, envelopes, and postage to buy; and, time is saved with no need to manually fold and stuff. Find more information about Payables EFT in the Printable Manuals, under Financial – Electronic Banking.

Attach Soft Copy Images to Records in Microsoft Dynamics GP
Whether receiving documents from customers and vendors electronically or choosing to scan the paper copies, Microsoft Dynamics GP allows the attachment of those documents to the specific record related to including the Vendor, Customer, Employee and individual transactions such as Payables Invoices.

To attach a note while entering a transaction, click the Note icon next to the transaction number (such as the Voucher Number on a Payables Transaction). From the Note window, click the paper-clip icon. From the OLE Container window, choose Edit and click Insert New Object. Select Create From File and use the Browse button to find and select the file to attach (can be any type of file including image files, PDF files, Microsoft Word and Excel Documents). Click OK and close the OLE Container window answering Yes to the Save Changes prompt. Click Attach on the Note window. Remember to shred and recycle what’s attached it if originated hard copy!

If the Paper-clip icon is not available, Microsoft article 850041 (available by searching on the web) discusses the needed setup. In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 additional options for attaching files will be available.

Email Reports to Recipients
Another green feature of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the ability to email reports. This can be done with reports that are printed from the Reports menu of each series. This is useful for anything from sending managers details of expenditures for a period to sending a customer or vendor a detailed aging.

From an existing report option, choose Email Options. On the Email Options window, enter an email recipient. Choose whether the report should be embedded in the email body or attached to the email. To personalize a message, click Message and type the desired text. After saving, re-open the report option and click Email to send the report.

User Preferences and Report Options The user preferences window allows users to set the Default Report Destination to Screen. From the Home Page in Microsoft Dynamics GP choose User Preferences.

The next time printing saved report options, click Modify and then Destination. Change the destination to Screen or to Ask Each Time prior to printing and Save the report option.

Saving time and money is a high priority for most businesses. Now, more than ever, so is helping save the environment. With so many ‘out of the box’ green features, Microsoft Dynamics GP can help do more of both today!