GP 2010: eMail Manager from Binary Stream

Written By: John Earle of Business Ready Solutions

from August 2, 2012

Changing the default email address that sends documents
eMail Manager will use the default email account of the GP user that initiates the sending of documents in GP.  If this user has multiple email accounts they use to send documents to customers it is necessary to change the default account to the correct address that will show up on the email.

eMail manager will look at whatever is set up as default in the Data Files section of mail setup. To navigate to this click on Control Panel –> Mail –> Data Files and select the correct account and mark it as default while you send out the documents from GP. 

Sending to multiple email addresses for a single customer
eMail Manager allows you to send documents to multiple email addresses per customer.  Customer email addresses should be set up in the Internet Information area of the customer card under the Internet Information heading and Email section as seen in the below screenshots.  When setting up multiple email addresses in the Internet Information it is imperative that they are separated by semicolons in order for the documents to be sent out correctly.