GP 2013 is out – What about the Integrity Data payroll add-ons?

Written By: Thomas Franz of Integrity Data

from December 26, 2012

Microsoft has made Dynamics GP 2013 available for download – yeah! So what is Integrity Data doing? We’re busy upgrading all of our GP Payroll add-ons for compatibility with Dynamics GP 2013.  We will have them ready for download no later than March 15th, but you can most likely expect them sooner.  We will also be simplifying the installation process for Dynamics GP 2013.

The plan at this time is to upgrade the products for compatibility for the initial release.  We then have some great features planned for a feature pack release.

Additionally, Microsoft is planning to support HR and Payroll in the web client beginning with Service Pack 1 for Dynamics GP 2013.  We also plan to support all of the Integrity Data products on the web client with our Service Pack 1 release.  We may be forced to limit certain functionality in some of our products due to the nature of the architecture of the web client.  All existing features will continue to be supported in the traditional Dynamics GP desktop client.  We have already started our development and test efforts for web client support as you can see in the image below.

Rest assured that Integrity Data is “on the job”, working hard to deliver great products and services in a timely manner to our partners and customers.  Looking forward to a great 2013 release!