GP hangs when customizing the main toolbar

Written By: Sheila Ochoa

from September 26, 2012

A customer recently reported that when they tried to customize a toolbar that GP would freeze and hang.  They would have to end the task to get out of GP.  This happened on all computers.  (Example: Right-click in the blue area of the Main Toolbar area, choose Customize.  The user would try to edit a toolbar by choosing Add and the computer would hang.)

To fix this, I made a backup of the Dynamics database.  Then deleted the SY07110 (Menu Master) table using SQL.  When Dynamics GP was launched again, the SY07110 was repopulated. You should always make a backup prior to any type of delete statement.  Please contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for assistance in deleting this table if you are not familiar with doing backups or using SQL scripts to delete the contents of a GP table.