GP Miscellaneous – did you know?

Written By: Wendy Johnson

from April 10, 2013

Did you know – you can rename SmartList fields in the regular SmartList – click on the columns name and type over the names in the display names portion of the window.  With the information populated under the new name – drag the column heading to fit the data and save as a favorite.  The Smartlist will fit across the window better

Did you know  – if you change the default # of records under  the Administrator>System>Smartlist option – the new default will roll down to any newly created SL’s in that category

Did you know – you can remove type a head mistakes – right click on the mistake and click delete

Did you know – you can assign function keys to windowssmartlists that you use frequently.  Right click in your home navigation pane.  Select a SmartList and use the keyboard shortcuts option on the bottom of the window to assign a function key to the SmartList.  When clicking that function key – SmartList will open to that specific SmartList

Did you know – you can create 4 additional customized lookups for vendors, customers etc.  – Tools>Setup>Company>Advanced lookups – very helpful in vendor or customer lookup windows

Did you know – you can create inquiry rollups – useful if you are a user who does not have access to FR and you want to analyze a grouping of GL accounts together.  You can add up to 4 columns including current year, prior year, budget and calculations.  Inquiry>Financial>Account Rollups

Did you know – you can create your own navigation pane windows

Did you know – you can use transaction matching to link year end JV’s received from the auditors – or create and document type for that?  Posting>Audit Trail Codes  or Transaction matching windows

Did you know – you can clear amounts from recurring  journal entries in the batch window

Did you know – you can delete reports in the process monitor only if they have << in front of them

By Wendy Johnson, Consultant with Cargas Systems.