Growing Industrial Services Company Finds Big Benefits in Microsoft Dynamics GP and WennSoft Service Management

Written By: Ken Jacobsen

from March 9, 2012

One of our clients is dedicated to providing all-inclusive waste minimization, treatment, reclamation, and management services to the manufacturing industry. When manufacturers produce waste that could potentially harm the environment, our client picks it up, cleans the waste product and either disposes of it properly or creates a fuel oil bi-product to resell.


They had Microsoft Dynamics GP in place when The TM Group met them for a division of their business, but wanted to expand the solution to other divisions of the company. They had the core financial modules in place, such as fixed assets, general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, but there were no reporting or internal procedure efficiencies. They simply weren’t using the Microsoft Dynamics solution to the best of its ability and entering information as well as reporting were very manual processes. They were also at a point in their business growth where they needed to develop better internal management of their reporting and business critical information.


They understood, when their company began to grow, they were also adding layers of complexity. They needed a robust software solution and new consulting partner with the expertise to create a business management solution that met all their needs. They wanted a partner who would carefully take the time needed to get everyone’s needs met. The TM Group worked closely with their team, to help them with a lot of process re-engineering and data clean up, as well as business evaluations throughout the company to ensure each piece of the solution was set up right.


Our client implemented WennSoft Service Management to help manage their service portion of their business. Dispatch documentation is a crucial component to ensuring their customers’ satisfaction and each of their clients are unique as to their preferences and what they need serviced. The Microsoft Dynamics GP and WennSoft solution provides many valuable improvements for our client and has created a number of benefits, including:



A Wealth of Information for Improved Decision Making: Their business manager says, “We struggled with simply entering information before, but now we know the data entered creates back-end reports providing valuable information.” Simply having this information is huge, but the speed they can acquire it is critical to their business decision making. They used to manually put reports together that never really created a snapshot of their business. Now, they are able to track volumes, locations, drivers and transactions at any given point in time of the day.


The improved insight they now have has made the company more profitable as well. They can view the profit or loss association for clients, services, and products. This helps them drive decisions on where they want to invest their money moving forward. For example, if a service or product isn’t making them money or vice versa, then they have the facts to make a profitable decision. The controller says, “The information we have access to has been vital for management to make decisions in a time of economic crises. We’re now able to ride the roller-coaster economy and come out the other end strong.”


Job Costing Efficiencies with Enhanced Integrations: The job costing insight was made possible by an intricate integration we created between Microsoft Dynamics GP, WennSoft Service Management, and Ethotech for Advanced Commissions. Our consultants set up code so that everything they had to do in terms of job costing and sales order processing was possible. They can ensure this is happening on the backend and not have to double or triple check manual changes; they just have to cross screens.


Better Service Management Creating Happier, More Loyal Clients: Service management is a big part of our client’s business and streamlining this was essential to the growth of their operations. Wennsoft’s Service Management piece is certified to work with Microsoft Dynamics GP; and our development team went a step further and added enhanced integration between the two to meet our client’s specific needs.


Reduced Administrative Costs and Increased Revenue: The number of transactions they now manage has greatly increased, yet their administrative costs have decreased. By implementing the integrated solution, they’ve been able to do more with less headcount. They’ve even added two more locations.