Hit Your Numbers with Quick Campaign

Written By: Dave Packard

from August 24, 2012

If you’re like most people on this planet chances are you procrastinate from time to time. You’re a sales professional and the month end is sneaking up on you again, but you still need to hit your monthly numbers. No need to panic. You have Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with a list of your best customers, including those who are currently in the sales pipeline as Opportunities.

Let’s say you want to hit all your Contacts who have an open Opportunity with a special offer to buy now. You could send out separate emails to each person, or you can save time and use a Quick Campaign to touch all Contacts with one message.

1)      Use Advanced Find to pull your list of Contacts that have an Open Opportunity:


2)      Click Results.

3)      Select all Contacts that you want to use for this month end message.

4)      Click on Quick Campaign:


5)      Select the records you want to use in the Quick Campaign.


6)      Name the Quick Campaign.

7)      Select which type of activity you want to use. For this example we will use an email.


8)      This brings you to the email screen where you can craft a new message just for this occasion or select from the available templates. For this example I chose a template. I like templates because they allow you to use dynamic fields, so the email can be personalized with at least each Contact’s name.


b.      No need to fill in the To or Regarding fields as Quick Campaign will do that for you.

9)      Click Next.

10)   Click Create.

And your month-end Quick Campaign is done. All emails are sent and recorded as a Closed Activity for each Contact and now you can sit back and relax. Or you could use this extra time to set up a second Quick Campaign to schedule follow up calls to these Contacts.

Quick Campaigns are just one way CRM can help you hit your sales goals. To find other ways CRM can help contact Cargas Systems, a certified Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner offering software, services, and support that help improve your business processes.