Hook, Line, and Sinker: Bringing SQL Server 2012 On Board

Written By: Kim Anselmo of The Resource Group

from June 7, 2012

With the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2012, many organizations are considering an upgrade to take advantage of the new features within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. But first, it is important to know which new features are compatible with the Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation in an organization in order to be prepared in advance and plan accordingly.

Supported and Compatible Features of SQL Server 2012 The following popular new features of SQL Server 2012 are currently compatible and supported for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010: Data Alerts:  Reporting Services data alerts are a data driven alerting solution that helps keeps an organization informed of the most important information when it is needed. With this new feature, the information is delivered via email rather than a user seeking it out. The key areas of Reporting Services data alerts give the ability to define and save data alert definitions, run data alert definitions and deliver data alert messages to recipients. Distributed Replay:  The Microsoft SQL Server Distributed Replay feature helps assess the impact of future SQL Server upgrades, hardware and operating system upgrades, as well as SQL Server tuning. This feature is similar to the SQL Server Profiler in that it can be used to replay a captured trace against an upgraded test environment, but with Distributed Replay workload can be replayed from multiple computers and better simulate a mission-critical workload and the SQL Server Profiler is limited to a single computer. PowerView:  PowerView provides a drag-and-drop, ad hoc reporting experience for business users. It expands on the self-service Business Intelligence capabilities within PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel and PowerPivot for SharePoint enabling customers to visualize and interact with modeled data. It is a browser-based Silverlight application launched within SharePoint Server 2010 helping users communicate within the organization through interactive presentations. The PowerView feature does require SharePoint Enterprise. No Power View reports will be provided out of the box for Microsoft Dynamics GP; however, customers can create their own. Features Currently Tested for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Compatibility While the following features of SQL Server 2012 increase efficiency in an organization, they are not yet fully tested to be compatible with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Please plan appropriately while preparing for a SQL Server upgrade. AlwaysOn:  This new high availability and disaster recovery feature enables businesses to achieve increased application availability as well as gain a better ROI on their hardware through a simplified deployment and management experience. The AlwaysOn feature does require the Enterprise Edition of SQL Server 2012. Contained Databases:  A contained database is one that is isolated from other databases and from the instance of SQL Server that hosts the database. Since Microsoft Dynamics GP is dependent on consistent login information across the SQL Server instance, this feature is not guaranteed. Tips for Planning A SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Before planning an upgrade of SQL Server 2012, review in-depth how the new features will benefit the organization. Evaluate if those features will make the team more efficient and how that efficiency could impact the bottom line. Also, research thoroughly if upgrading to SQL Server 2012 will be compatible with the current Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation. (See Table 1 below) Finally, be sure to involve a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner to help evaluate, plan and test the upgrade process to ensure success.