How the NOW FREE Professional Services Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help Your Business

Written By: Ann Haucke of The Resource Group

from June 25, 2012

The Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) for Microsoft Dynamics® GP is now free for customers! This powerful suite of 51 tools can help you consolidate and change your critical data quickly and accurately. Have you ever wished you had named your customer numbers or item numbers differently and now you’re stuck with them? These tools can help you quickly clean up how your core records are named in Microsoft Dynamics GP and help your employees work more productively and efficiently.

With so many PSTL tools available, how do you know which tools to invest your time in applying to your Microsoft Dynamics GP system? Here are the top tools that are the most popular and have provided the greatest value to our customers:

  • Account Modifier/Combiner: change an old account number to a new account number, or combine like accounts into a single account without manually keying in the data. This tool includes both the account modifier and combiner.
  • Vendor Modifier: change an existing vendor ID to a new vendor ID with the click of a button. Instead of having to key in a new vendor ID and re-key open invoices, you are able to update all work, open, and history records seamlessly.
  • Vendor Combiner: combine a vendor ID into another existing vendor ID. All the work, open, and history records combine into the new vendor. No data is lost and the summary balances are recalculated. The original vendor ID is removed from the system after it is combined into the new vendor ID.
  • Customer Modifier: change customer numbers in the system. You can change from an existing customer number to a new customer number. Instead of having to key in a new customer number and then re-key all your open invoices, you can update all work, open, and history records with the click of a button.
  • Customer Combiner: combine a customer number into another customer number without losing any work, open or history records. The old customer number is removed from the system after completion, and the summary records are recalculated to include both customers’ summary information.
  • Employee Modifier: change an employee ID without losing any work, open or history records. A new employee ID is introduced to the system, while the existing one is removed.
  • Item Number Modifier: change an item number without losing any work, open or history records.

These PSTL tools are quick solutions for consolidating and changing data within your system.  Each used to cost $750-$1500 per tool. Now the 51 PSTL tools are available to you for free. The tools can be as easy to use as clicking a button to change data throughout the system without manually keying in data at every location. However, we do want to caution that these are powerful changes to the entire structure of your Microsoft Dynamics GP System, your core business application. Therefore, we recommend working with your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner to help you determine which tools are appropriate for your needs as well as how to set them up correctly.

If you are interested in installing PSTL tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP, please contact The Resource Group or your partner of record for more information and assistance.