How to Create SmartLists for Comprehensive Leave Manager

Written By: Julie Jensen of Integrity Data

from May 14, 2013

If Comprehensive Leave Manager is setup to accrue leave time during payroll processing, the system will calculate the leave time during the build and calculate process.  After calculating whether a user would like to validate the leave accruals for employees, a SmartList can be built from the Employee Leave Summary information.

The first step to creating the SmartList is to open SmartList Builder window (Microsoft Dynamics > Tools > SmartList Builder > SmartList Builder).  Select Refresh Cache if prompted.  Next we need to create the SmartList ID and SmartList Name then select Comprehensive Leave Manager for the product.

From here, we can add the Microsoft Dynamics® GP table.

Since we want to view the summary information for the leave transactions being calculated during payroll, we will select the table Leave Employee Code WORK.

Next we can select which fields we want to display on the report by marking the default option.

Now we are ready to process a payroll and run the SmartList to view our results.  After Calculating, we can open the SmartList window (Microsoft Dynamics GP > SmartList) select Refresh Cache if prompted.

Since ACKE0001 is still within the first 90 days of employment, the time is accrued as pending and not made available.  Once ACKE0001 reaches the 90 days of employment, the pending time will move to available.

If you are unable to see the Leave Summary after Calculate report you may require some additional security options setup.  For more information, please check out ‘how to setup security for a new SmartList’.