How U-LINC can benefit you beyond workflow and notifications – hyperlinking to an entity in Dynamics GP

Written By: Thomas Franz of Integrity Data

from February 25, 2013

U-LINC® is the most comprehensive, flexible workflow and notification solution designed for use within Microsoft Dynamics®.  Being on the market for over a year now, we can take a breath and tell you about some of the cool U-LINC features have really benefited our customers and may benefit you as well. For example, did you know that one of the features of U-LINC allows users to associate a hyperlink to an “entity” in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

U-LINC allows the user to put a ribbon on any Dynamics GP window.  In addition to pertinent workflow information related to displayed entity, the ribbon has the ability to link to any URL the user defines.  Given the nature of this functionality, U-LINC can enable users to define information in SharePoint and drill down to that “entity” specific information.  An entity could be virtually anything in Dynamics GP, a customer, vendor, GL transaction, purchase order, etc.

With U-LINC, you could:

  • Attach a PDF copy of a vendor invoice to a purchasing invoice
  • Attach a Word document to a purchase order
  • Link to a list of sales invoices for a customer
  • Link to a library of employment forms for an employee (W-4, I9, resume, employment application, etc.)
  • Use SharePoint to define additional sales tax information needed related to a customer, like sales tax form expiration date

In the last scenario, when you recall a customer in Dynamics GP, the user could click on a link that could display the sales tax information for the customer and a link to the most recent copy of the sales tax exemption form.

Now, use your imagination … what kinds of problems could this solve for your organization or customers, because that is the only limitation, your imagination.

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