Integrity Data’s U-LINC and Rockton Software’s Inspector – Even Better Together

Written By: John Stein of Integrity Data

from December 17, 2012

You’ve  wanted flexible workflows and notifications within Microsoft Dynamics® GP forever and have finally got Integrity Data’s U-LINC® installed and running with one of our pre-defined templates or have worked with our crack implementation team to create a workflow just for you, but now you’re ready to dive in and begin creating your own workflow integrations.  You know what you want to do, but how do you figure out where to create the integration? Rockton Software has a great tool, “Inspector” (just one of over 20 tools in their Dynamics GP Toolbox), that can help you do just that.  Simply open Inspector and it will tell you all the tables that are used by data on whichever form you open.

For instance, you want to be notified whenever a vendor’s EFT information is changed.  You open Inspector, then select a vendor in the Vendor Maintenance window, click the Address button, and then click the EFT Bank button to bring up the Vendor EFT Bank Maintenance window.  The Inspector window shows you that the table containing the EFT information is SY06000, which can then be used as the primary table for your U-LINC integrationYou can spend less time searching for where the data resides thanks to Inspector and get right to making that data work for you through the power of U-LINC.