Loan Loss Reserve Reporting/Modeling

Written By: Eric Gjerdevig

from January 28, 2012

Summit Group recently had the opportunity to work with one of our banking clients to utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a unique way. Taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Scribe we built a reporting solution for calculating Loan Loss Reserve Adequacy. Nightly we push all loan data from their Fiserve solution into custom entities in CRM using Scribe. Along with this we have created the ability to track various factors relative to loans such as risk and economic ratings, guarantee information, and other values. The system allows for quick modeling to determine the impact on Loan Loss Reserves due to changes in various factors. It also freed up about 2 days a month for the person who previously figured this out by hand!

Not only was this solution delivered within budget but it also allowed this institution to free up a significant amount of cash that was being held in Loan Loss Reserves. Finally, this platform now is being expanded for more traditional CRM use with the added benefit of already having some vital customer information in the system.