Management Reporter 2012: Now Improving Offices Everywhere

Written By: Rhonda Hawley

from June 7, 2012

Management Reporter 2012 released late March 2012 and is available for those utilizing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, AX 2009, AX 2012, NAV 2009 R2, and SL 2011. This new release of Management Reporter aims to enhance the real-time financial reporting experience across the organization. This Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tool allows users to design, distribute, view, collaborate and make better, faster business decisions based on real-time financial data coming from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. 

 New Features

  • Report Design Flexibility

Users can quickly identify accounts that have been omitted from report building blocks, format headers for rolling forecasts, and save and/or reuse dimension combinations and control how dimension descriptions are formatted and displayed.

  • Financial Report Collaboration

Enhancements have been added to make Report Groups more discoverable by providing access from the navigation pane.  The software allows users to schedule groups of reports to generate on timed intervals. There are now personalized and secure views of data for all output types. 

Publish Options include: read-only (.XPS) report format, multiple Microsoft SharePoint or network locations, or a personalized Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) file.

E-mail Options include: reports via SharePoint alerts or a link to a report from within the Report Viewer.

  • Interactive Report Viewing

Views are updated to allow users to quickly create charts based upon selected report rows and columns.  Easily page within and locate key features in Report Viewer with an enhanced toolbar and Jump to key areas or values in the report for fast analysis. Add comments to important rows in a report version and copy comments from one version of a report to another. Collaborate on a report by providing a link to the current report and selected row when launching an instant messenger client from within a report.

  • Deeper Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration

Utilize data from Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV into Management Reporter data mart for increased performance and create financial reports based upon data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV General Ledger.

Drill from account and budget balances on a report to related information in Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Display or filter on properties of dimensions and transactions to design more precise financial reports. Automatically integrate company information from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Report on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 budget reservations (pre-encumbrances/encumbrances) based upon budget funds available calculation as defined in budget control configuration. Manage all users (both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Management Reporter) from within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Dynamically align reporting trees with Microsoft Dynamics AX organizational hierarchies. Choose whether to include or exclude budget submodels when using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 budgets.

  • V2 and 2012 Installation Differences

Management Reporter 2012 no longer requires IIS.  MR 2012 is more streamlined and informative with the installation, and utilizes network shares and Microsoft SharePoint technology.

  • Upgrading to 2012

Management Reporter 2012 provides an upgrade path from a previous version of Management Reporter or from FRx.  It is important to discuss options with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

  • Demo Reports Available

To see more examples of how to format Rows, Columns, Trees and Report Definitions, Microsoft has made a package of Demo Reports available on CustomerSource for Management Reporter 2012 to use with Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX and SL.  To download, go to: