Management Reporter and GP Segment Names

Written By: Gina Hoener on behalf of Joel Rodencal & Danny Rose

from March 11, 2013

We had a scenario in Management Reporter 2012 where 2 companies have identical charts of accounts in GP and thus, they use the same Row Definition in MR. We could run a report for one company just fine but the second company’s report would return no data. The Row Definition looked fine in the first company.

We changed default companies in MR and opened the SAME Row Definition. The Link to Financial Dimensions column only showed ‘+’. ‘Segment1’ and the account numbers were missing!

Notice in the first screen shot that ‘+Segment1’ is at the beginning of the range of account numbers in the Link to Financial Dimensions column. This name is pulled from the Account Format Setup window in GP. By default each segment is named Segment1, Segment2, Segment3 and so forth.

But in our second company the segment names in GP were changed to Account, Location and Sub. Segment1, Segment2, Segment3 did not exist.

Management Reporter did not know how to translate ‘Segment1’ to ‘Account’, thus rendering the row definition useless for the second company. After we changed the segment name in GP we had to reimport the company by going to the configuration Console for MR. Once MR knew that the company had a segment name of Segment1 (so now both companies had the same segment names) the reports generated just fine.

So be careful if you have multiple companies in GP. The segment names in the Account Format Setup window need to be identical if sharing definitions in Management Reporter!