Manually Changing SysData Location

Written By: Joseph Tews

from January 11, 2012

Recently, after installing FRx 6.7 with the media for GP 10 (the media that includes SP9), I ran into an issue changing the SysData location. Typically, when trying to change the location through the back end, I would modify the FRx32.cfg file and make the change in here. However, when trying to do it with this version (or perhaps it was the Windows 7 operating system), my changes didn’t seem to take hold. It would default to the install location for SysData.

What I found is that I needed to make the change to the FRxConfig.xml file that was placed in my User folder. By navigating to the location of my folder (C:UsersUserNameAppDataLocalFRx SoftwareFRx 6.7), I was able to modify this file and noticed that the SysData was hardcoded to the installation location in there. Once I changed this, I was able to utilize the SysData in my shared location.