Many Changes on the Horizon with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

from October 2, 2012

Many exciting things were unveiled at the recent Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Technical Airlift in Fargo, North Dakota on September 13th and 14th. Today I had a chance to sit down with TM Group’s Consulting Manager Perry Kountouriotis to hear his impressions of what he saw at the Airlift.

First on his list was the Microsoft Dynamics web client. Using the web client, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 users will be able to access all the core financial and distribution modules of the system through a web client. In future releases, Microsoft will add the payroll and human resources, then project accounting and lastly manufacturing.

Another interesting facet about the web client is that Microsoft has developed a tool that converts Integrated Solution Vendor’s (ISV) add-ons that are written in Microsoft Dynamics GP’s native tool set (Dexterity) to the new web client quickly and automatically. They showed this in action with Mekorma MICR which had no problem converting to the new web client.

There are more than 125 functional enhancements included in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 which is scheduled to be released in December 2012. One of the cooler enhancements is the ability to record prepayments on a purchase order. “So now users will be able to create a PO and record a portion of the PO to be paid as a deposit,” explained Perry. “This will create a transaction in accounts payable that can’t be applied to anything except receipt of that PO.”

Another long-anticipated feature is that GP 2013 users will now be able to print a historical depreciation report in fixed assets. “This is going to make a few of our existing customers very happy,” says Perry.

Document Attach is another really great feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. This will replace the current OLE attachments which were limited to one document and based on older technologies. With Document Attach, you will be able to attach multiple documents to a record and they will be stored in the Microsoft SQL database. Microsoft showed a diagram of document management solutions which showed OLE on the bottom of the diagram, Document Attach in the middle and other, full-featured integrated document management solutions at the top of the diagram. “Their goal is not to replace solutions like PaperSave which make it easier to handle larger volumes of documents, but to update the technology for basic document attachments in Microsoft Dynamics GP.”

They are really continuing to more fully incorporate Microsoft SQL Reporting Services (SRS) with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 core modules well. In this newest version you can now print SRS based reports from any record such as a customer, vendor or item by simply clicking on the printer icon at the top of the screen. Previously if you wanted to print a SRS based customer aging, for example, you’d have to navigate away from the customer record to the reporting module. Only the older style, propriety report writer reports were available through the print icon on a record. Now you can even add custom SRS reports to the records print icon options by using the proper report parameters in the report.

Perry’s favorite quote from the sessions was: “Become a master of change or you will become the victim of change.” This speaker was discussing the future and how things are changing very fast. Things are definitely changing with Microsoft Dynamics GP and we at The TM Group and the other Dynamics University Partners are here to help you negotiate changing your systems to this newest version.

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