Marking Items Obsolete

Written By: Richard Whaley

from April 4, 2012

Many firms want to change the Class ID of items to Obsolete when the items are no longer used or sold by the firm. With a large number of items, SQL scripts are considered to make the changes to the Class ID. There are some significant problems to changing class IDs via SQL.

If your firm only uses one account for Inventory Assets, no problem. Yet, if you have an item whose IA account is (for example) 1001 and the obsolete inventory IA is 1100, then changing the class ID won’t change the account number. If you say, “no problem, I will simply change the account index as well,” then you are potentially leaving dollars in the original account that are not moved to the new account.

Better scheme: Have an Obsolete Inventory SITE, do a transfer transaction to move items from the warehouse (or whatever you call it) to the Obsolete site. This will move the items as well as the dollars and quantity on hand, AND the transaction can be imported from a spreadsheet and executed easily.

BEST Scheme: Leave the items in the same site but change their Item Type to Discontinued. This puts a flag on the items so that they potentially cannot be sold or purchased. (There are a couple of setup options to consider.) This can be accomplished via a SQL script easily as there are no accounting changes!