Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12: Released! But hold on for a moment…..

Written By: Josh Behl

from January 30, 2013
To find out the major features of Update Rollup 12, one only needs to search around a bit online and you’ll find the same sort of features list over and over. UR12 should certainly not be thought of as a service pack release but more so as an upgrade of sorts. There are a number of fixes and improvements, but other “things” will have changed as well.  There are a lot of things to be excited about for this release! However, as much as I am a shiny object kind of guy, I try to be a pragmatist as well.  Here are a few considerations to keep in mind before you install Update Rollup 12:
  • For customers who upgraded from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, you may still have some JScripts that use the “crmForm” approach. While this has been supported fully along with some of the permeations of crmForm such ascrmForm.SetFieldReqLevel() (which was commonly used by a lot of developers and consultants), they are not all fully supported any longer. The most notable for me was crmForm.SetFieldReqLevel(). Prior to installing UR12, it worked, but now it does not. For those of you who have been putting off updating your 4.0 JScript to the CRM 2011 Xrm.Page approach, perhaps it is time to get on the bandwagon and make those changes.
While I did not validate all of these methods used in 4.0, check out this article for more information on scripts that we were warned about when 2011 first was released but may have ignored (
For more information on proper 2011 JScripting, refer to: (
It is important to note that any script that uses “crmForm.all.<some field name>.DataValuewill continue to work, but while you are in there yanking out your SetFieldReqLevel and replacing with something a bit more current, you may as well make the switch!
  • Multi-Browser support: While this is certainly a new feature of this UR, one aspect of this new feature that may not have been considered by developers, consultants, and others dabbling in the fine art of CRM client side scripting are scripts that may not work properly in non-IE browsers. Experienced developers know that there are just some things we do with JScript that work in IE that don’t work in other browsers. So, what are you do to about it? Well, there is a tool which is downloadable from and explained in great detail at
Take a moment to check this tool out as it will help you identify which script you currently have in your environment that may cause issues for you when using other supported browsers.
  • Additionally, if you are a consultant, admin, support technician, or trainer, take time to learn a bit more about the three additional browsers now supported. Most of us have become very familiar with troubleshooting CRM issues in IE, but may not be fully ready to support the other supported browsers :
While there is much more that can said and written about UR12 (and I will have more articles about it soon), these are just a few early musings on it.

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