Microsoft Dynamics GP Enhancement Plans – Which Level is Right for You?

Written By: Sheri Carney of The Resource Group

from April 30, 2013

When it comes time to renew your annual Microsoft Dynamics GP Enhancement Plan, you have the option to choose between three plans:

- Business Ready Enhancement Plan
- Business Ready Advantage Plan
- Business Ready Advantage Plus Plan

It is important to know that all three plans provide customers with the exact same core benefits. Some of these key benefits include:

-  Protected System List Price (SLP)
-  Access to upgrades and updates
-  Access to online training
-  Access to resources and self-support on the CustomerSource website
-  Ability to purchase additional modules and/or user licenses

There is a cost difference between the available plans. All plans are calculated as a percentage of the customer’s SLP (the protected value of the software currently licensed for).

-  Enhancement Plan – 16% of SLP
-  Advantage Plan – 18% of SLP (the base 16% plus an additional 2%)
-  Advantage Plus Plan – 25% of SLP (the base 16% plus an additional 9%)

Since all plans carry the same core benefits, you may wonder what accounts for the tiered increase in cost percentage. Prepaid Microsoft support is the only cost differentiator here. 

The Enhancement Plan carries no prepaid support and is considered the base-level plan. 

For an additional 2% of SLP, the Advantage Plan provides the customer with six prepaid support incidents with Microsoft, each with a three-hour response time. If purchasing these incidents separately they would cost $259 each, or $1,554 for six.  Therefore, a customer considering this plan may want to make sure that 2% of their SLP is less than, or equal to, $1,554 to achieve a cost benefit.

The Advantage Plus plan costs an additional 9% above base and provides the customer with unlimited prepaid Microsoft support. These support incidents have a response time commensurate to the level of urgency of the request determined by three questions asked of the customer at the time of the request. The consideration of cost effectiveness of this plan can be started by comparing 9% of the customer’s SLP to the number of calls that can be made for that amount. Be careful here, as this plan provides benefits in which costs cannot be measured: a flat, known support budget for the year, the ability for anyone in the company to obtain support without impacting budget, no need to monitor support usage, response times that match the need of the customer, and the ability to contact Microsoft without having the company credit card in hand.

So when considering which level of plan to renew each year, it is important to look at your company’s possible upcoming support needs. Match those needs then to the level of plan. While peace of mind is hard to measure, it certainly is an important consideration and should not be forgotten while calculating the cost benefit of each plan.

A Microsoft Partner, such as The Resource Group ( is a valuable resource in this decision-making process. They can help you review your SLP, access data regarding your support usage in the past year, and consult with you to assist in choosing the plan that best fits your company’s needs.