Microsoft Dynamics GP facilitates manufacturer communication with clients and partners

Microsoft Dynamics GP facilitates manufacturer communication with clients and partners

Written By: Ken Jacobsen

from October 9, 2015

Enterprise resource planning software improves a manufacturer’s internal operations. Many companies turn to Microsoft Dynamics GP to plan production in the context of finances, manage inventory and monitor workflow progress.

The same data that provides visibility for a business’s managers and supervisors can also give clients and business partners the information they need to work with a particular manufacturer. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers production visibility, payment records and messaging services to improve business communications.

Operational visibility

When selecting a manufacturer, consumers want as much information as possible that speaks to the quality of the products created. Business partners want to have a look at operations to determine fair pricing and how the partnership could be most successful.

A software system supplied information by constant data reporting provides all stakeholders with a clear picture of day-to-day manufacturing activities. Microsoft Dynamics GP software features oversight of all the departments contributing to the data platform. If a company wishes to advertise its quality, efficiency or productivity to consumers or distributors, it will have the complete information record to back it up.

When approaching business partners, manufacturers can come to the table with the details necessary to answer involved questions. Demand Media suggested vendors or suppliers that have access to production information can become valuable assistants in ensuring materials never come up short. Partners who are working off a single data platform won’t miscommunicate needs and can create mutually beneficial schedules.

To create an accurate picture for all invested parties, additional tools can improve the speed at which employees capture physical activities. Barcoding systems put software capabilities into the hands of the workers walking the warehouse or production supervisors monitoring the shop floor. Constant real-time data sent directly from the heart of production prevents mistakes and communicates complete control to all data observers.

Payment consistency

Money can be the greatest obstacle in the formation of working partnerships. Accuracy is the best way to fight discrepancies, and constant communication helps prevent misunderstandings.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has features to ensure payments are on time and secure. Automated electronic payments can be scheduled through the software and logged so any issues can be backtracked. Regularly scheduled payments improve B2B operations by making sure exchanges are made on time and through preferred mediums. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Community explained automated financial transactions within the software are secure and meet Payment Application Data Security Standard regulations.

When working with invoices, it is always a best practice to note every detail and instantly inquire about issues that come up. A complete data trail about all financial activities prevents customer complaints and vendor issues.

Document exchange

All work orders, contracts, invoices and messages created in Microsoft Dynamics GP can be shared with outside parties. The software is specifically designed to convert data to different formats. Even if clients or partners are not using Dynamics GP, the information from the system can still be delivered in a way that is readable on most electronic options or printed as a hard copy.

Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with Office 365 and other programs. Important data sheets and production reports can be sent as easily-opened email attachments. The facts and figures can be displayed graphically or in the format that best communicates content. Partners can be granted user access if they are to work side by side with the company.

To enhance document sharing capabilities, Dynamics GP users can contact their software suppliers to find options for additional features. The Liaison Messenger EDD is one of the fastest and easiest ways to communicate information from Dynamics GP. Etelligent Solutions stated Messenger EDD allows companies to batch emails, invoices, statements and quotes for clients and partners. Messenger EDD works with most Dynamics GP modules, including Project Accounting. It allows the user to attach variable or static documents with each communication and route messaging as needed. The Messenger EDD is easy to learn and implement in ongoing operations.